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Remix by TK & Os3k

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Music Video Follow The Rhythm - Video Mia Lexie  



For booking of Mia Lexie’s show with original songs


lexiemusic(at)gmail.com ( replace (at) with @ )

Skype telephone, Skype-name: mialexie

* Mia Lexie artist page on facebook



Mia was born in Stockholm and is the daughter of Mr.Lee Gaines

the bass singer in the American vocal group The Delta Rhythm Boys

Mia Lexie has a background as freelance singer abroad and in Sweden

and in theatre musicals in Sweden

Mia was the lead singer in her own rock-blues band for many years 

Mia is now pursuing her music career with her album release “My Business”



      Album out now !!!


Mia Lexie – My Business

Available in all major digital stores

Listen to some cuts from the album here:

  Presentation mp3 – Mia Lexie



Mia Lexie’s solo album “My Business” is released on all major digital stores 

You can book the show with original songs with backing tracks or live band

If you have any other suggestions of concept, music or styles please get in touch


Click on the links

below for some


 1. Follow The Rhythm – Music Video Mia Lexie  


 2. Money - Video Live Mia Lexie from the Håbo Festival


 3. Take It Or Leave It - Video Live Mia Lexie from the Håbo Festival


Videos live from the Håbo festval in Sweden

Johan Mickels filmed and Mats Thunborg recorded the

sound with a very simple microphone



Album Mia Lexie - My business

1 Money

2 My Business

3 Take It or Leave It

4 It Takes Two

5 Follow the Rhythm

6 Dance Chorus

7 Love You

8 Take a Chance

Mia Lexie - All vocals, lyrics, vocal and choir melodies

Mats Thunborg - All instruments, music and production








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Music Distributed Trough Record Union


Music by Thunborgproduction


 Videos By Mickels Media Productions




Mia Lexie Sings Tina Turner Classics

The show can be booked in several formats, from Small to X-large.


Perfect for Nightclubs, Events, Christmas parties, Hotels, Cruises…e.t.c.


Small show with backing tracks

Mia Lexie sings Tina Turner´s Classic hits non-stop

and everybody party, dance and sings along.



Contact: Skype telephone, Skype-name: mialexie

Email: lexiemusic(at)gmail.com - ( replace (at) with @ )


Listen to some tracks here:

Track 1

Video 1

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 Stockholm – Sweden - Scandinavia